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HD Raffia Asrene SM5508

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HD Raffia Asrene SM5508

HD Raffia Asrene SM5508 is a premium-grade Polymer, renowned for its superior quality and versatility. This high-density material is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various industrial applications, offering exceptional strength and durability.
HD REffia Rasin Asrene_SM5508 bag closer view


  1. High-Density Composition: Asrene SM5508 boasts a high-density composition, providing exceptional strength and durability for demanding applications.
  2. Uniform Raffia Structure: Crafted with precision, this polymer exhibits a uniform raffia structure, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.
  3. Customizable Properties: With customizable properties, including melt flow rate and tensile strength, Asrene SM5508 offers flexibility to meet specific manufacturing requirements.

Used For:

  1. Packaging Solutions: Asrene SM5508 is widely employed in the manufacturing of packaging materials, including sacks, bags and woven fabrics. Its robust properties ensure reliable protection and containment for a diverse range of products.
  2. Construction Materials: This polymer serves as a fundamental component in the production of construction materials such as ropes, nets and geotextiles. Its strength and resilience make it an ideal choice for enhancing the durability and performance of construction projects.
  3. Industrial Applications: Asrene SM5508 finds extensive usage across various industrial sectors, including agriculture, automotive and textiles. Its adaptability and superior specifications make it indispensable for a multitude of manufacturing processes.

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