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What is LLDPE ?

LDPE, a versatile member of the polyethylene family, exhibits a unique molecular structure characterized by linear and branched ethylene monomer chains. Renowned for its flexibility, durability and resilience, LDPE boasts high tensile strength and exceptional resistance to impacts, extreme temperatures, UV radiation and various chemicals. Its notable features make LDPE a preferred choice in film and packaging production, offering puncture resistance that caters to applications such as stretch films, plastic bags and liners. Beyond packaging, LDPE extends its utility to manufacturing consumer goods like toys, containers and automotive components.

What sets LDPE apart is its cost-effectiveness and ease of processing through methods like blow molding, injection molding and extrusion. This versatility in processing contributes to LDPE’s widespread adoption across diverse industries, making it a reliable material for various applications.


There are several different MFI levels available in LLDPE grade, including:

  • Low MFI (Melt Flow Index):Low MFI LDPE, or Low Melt Flow Index LDPE, is a specialized grade of polyethylene characterized by a slower melt flow rate during processing. This unique property is advantageous in applications where precise control over the flow of the material is essential. Low MFI LDPE is particularly well-suited for the production of complex and thicker-walled parts. The slower melt flow ensures uniform thickness and precise detailing in molded or extruded products. Industries requiring intricate designs, such as in certain packaging applications or molded components, often opt for Low MFI LDPE to achieve optimal results in manufacturing.

  • Medium MFI (Melt Flow Index): Medium MFI LDPE, or Medium Melt Flow Index LDPE, represents the standard grade within the LDPE spectrum. It offers a balanced combination of flowability and processability, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of molding and extrusion applications. This grade of LDPE is well-regarded for its adaptability in producing various products across industries. Whether in the creation of packaging materials, consumer goods, or industrial components, Medium MFI LDPE provides manufacturers with a reliable and efficient material that meets the demands of diverse applications.

  • High MFI (Melt Flow Index): High MFI LDPE, or High Melt Flow Index LDPE, is characterized by a faster melt flow rate, making it well-suited for applications that require rapid production. This grade is particularly favored in scenarios where thin-walled parts need to be efficiently molded or extruded. The higher melt flow facilitates faster processing times, contributing to increased production efficiency. High MFI LDPE finds applications in industries where speed and throughput are paramount, such as in the production of thin films, disposable products and items with quick turnaround requirements.

Some of the application usage of LDPE are :

Packaging Applications: LDPE is extensively used in packaging, creating plastic bags, films and containers. Its flexibility, transparency and moisture resistance make it ideal for protecting a wide range of products. Additionally, it is a popular choice for producing lightweight shopping bags and industrial packaging.

Agricultural and Construction Use: LDPE finds applications in agriculture for greenhouse covers, mulching films and protective wraps for crops. In the construction industry, it serves as a moisture barrier, protecting buildings and materials from water damage. Its durability and adaptability make it valuable in diverse applications.

Medical and Consumer Goods: LDPE is employed in medical settings for disposable gloves and medical packaging due to its cleanliness and safety. It is also utilized in creating various consumer goods packaging, including wrappers for food products, toiletries and household items. The material’s versatility extends to lamination processes, enhancing the appearance and durability of printed materials.

LD Moulding

LD (Low-Density) Molding Granules, a versatile form of polyethylene, are widely utilized in diverse industries for their exceptional molding properties. With a molecular structure that fosters flexibility and ease of processing, LD Molding Granules are ideal for crafting a myriad of plastic products. These granules exhibit superior moldability, allowing for the creation of intricate designs and complex shapes.

In the packaging industry, LD Molding Granules are employed to produce a range of containers, caps and closures. The material’s flexibility and excellent mold flow characteristics enable the seamless formation of various packaging components. Additionally, LD Molding Granules find applications in the manufacturing of consumer goods, such as toys, household items and industrial components. The adaptability of LDPE makes it a preferred choice for molding granules, ensuring efficiency and precision in the production of diverse plastic products across multiple sectors.


Some Varieties in LDPE Moulding

General-Purpose LD Moulding: Versatile LDPE for everyday molding needs, offering flexibility and ease of processing.

Colorful LD Moulding: LDPE granules in vibrant colors for customized and aesthetically pleasing plastic products.

High-Strength LD Moulding: Specialty LDPE for robust applications, providing enhanced strength and durability.

Grades: Rotomoulding LDPE grades are typically categorized by their melt flow index (MFI), which determines their flow characteristics during the molding process.

Low Melt Flow LD:  LDPE with a slower melt flow, ideal for precise molding of complex and thicker-walled parts.

Medium Melt Flow LD: Standard grade LDPE offering a balance between flowability and processability for versatile molding applications.

High Melt Flow LD: LDPE with a faster melt flow, suitable for rapid production of thin-walled parts in molding processes.

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Moulding granules find a wide range of applications across various industries due to their unique properties. Here are some of the key areas where LDPE Moulding granules are used:
LDPE Rotomoulding granules are used in the production of hollow, three-dimensional products, offering excellent impact resistance, UV stability and resistance to chemicals. These granules come in various grades, each tailored to specific needs. Natural LDPE is translucent, colored grades offer vibrant options and specialty grades cater to unique requirements like enhanced UV resistance or fire retardancy. The choice of LDPE grade depends on the design and performance needs of the rotomolded product, making it a versatile material in the rotomoulding process

LDPE Milk Pouch

LLDPE Molding, or Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Molding, is a versatile plastic processing method known for producing a wide range of products. It offers various grades and types to suit different applications.

  • Variety: LLDPE molding encompasses a broad spectrum of products, including toys, automotive components, containers and more. Its ability to provide strength, flexibility and resistance to environmental factors makes it a go-to choice for molding applications across industries.
  • Grades: LLDPE molding grades are categorized based on their melt flow index (MFI), ranging from low MFI for controlled flow in intricate parts to high MFI for faster processing of thin-walled items. Manufacturers provide a selection of LLDPE grades, allowing for precise customization to meet the unique needs of each application.
  • Versatility: LLDPE molding’s versatility is further enhanced by its capacity to be processed through various techniques, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. Its adaptability and cost-effectiveness make it an invaluable resource in the manufacturing world, ensuring the production of durable, efficient and reliable molded products.

Some common types of containers that can be made from HDPE blow grade include:

  • Consumer Goods: LLDPE molding granules are employed in the manufacturing of consumer goods such as toys, storage containers and housewares. Their versatility and ease of processing make them an ideal choice for creating everyday items.
  • Automotive Components: LLDPE is used to produce various automotive components like bumpers, interior trim parts and underbody protection due to its excellent impact resistance, lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness.
  • Industrial Parts: LLDPE molding granules are used for producing industrial components like pipes, fittings and machine parts. Their durability, chemical resistance and ease of molding make them suitable for these applications.
  • Medical Devices: LLDPE is utilized in medical applications, particularly for manufacturing components of medical devices, where cleanliness, biocompatibility and precision molding are essential.
  • Construction Materials: LLDPE granules are used in the construction industry for creating items like pipe fittings, geomembranes and geosynthetics, benefiting from their resistance to environmental factors and ease of installation.
  • Electrical Insulation: Due to its electrical insulating properties and ease of processing, LLDPE is used for electrical and electronic applications, including cable insulation and wire harness components.
  • Agricultural Products: LLDPE molding granules are used for producing agricultural equipment, including seed planters, irrigation components and tanks for storing and transporting agricultural chemicals.
  • Custom Molding: These granules are also employed in custom molding applications, where specific products are designed and produced according to unique requirements, such as specialty containers or components for various industries.

LDPE Lamination

Enhance packaging durability with LDPE Lamination. A versatile low-density polyethylene providing excellent seal strength, moisture resistance and adhesion. Ideal for various industries demanding reliable and cost-effective lamination solutions

LDPE Lamination Categories and Grade:

Standard LDPE Lamination : Discover the reliability of Standard LDPE Lamination, a cost-effective solution offering optimal seal strength and moisture resistance. Perfect for general packaging needs.

High-Performance LDPE Lamination: Elevate your packaging with High-Performance LDPE Lamination. Engineered for superior adhesion, strength and barrier properties, ensuring top-tier performance in demanding applications.

Specialty LDPE Lamination:
Explore our range of Specialty LDPE Lamination tailored for unique applications. From enhanced barrier properties to specific adhesion requirements, find the perfect solution for your distinct needs.

LDPE Lamination is the epitome of versatility and reliability in the packaging world. Elevate your packaging solutions with our range, offering strength, moisture resistance and adhesion capabilities. Choose LDPE Lamination for packaging that stands the test of time.

LDPE Heavy Duty

Highly durable LDPE Heavy Duty Raw Material ensures robust and resilient applications. Its superior strength and flexibility make it an ideal choice for heavy-duty purposes, providing reliability and longevity.

Categories are in LDPE Heavy Duty:

  • Construction Grade LDPE: Discover LDPE Heavy Duty raw material crafted specifically for construction applications. With enhanced strength and flexibility, it ensures durability in challenging environments. Ideal for construction sheets, covers and more.

  • Industrial LDPE Solutions: Explore our Industrial LDPE category, designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. From protective packaging to industrial liners, this LDPE variant guarantees performance under extreme conditions.

  • Agricultural LDPE Products: Our Agricultural LDPE range is tailored for robust agricultural applications. From greenhouse films to heavy-duty mulching, this LDPE variant offers reliable protection, ensuring optimal crop growth and yield.

Different Grades in LDPE Heavy Duty include:

  • LDPE Reinforced Films: LDPE Heavy Duty Grade boasts reinforced films that provide unmatched strength and tear resistance. Ideal for construction site barriers, pond liners and applications requiring superior durability.

  • Heavy Duty LDPE Bags: Experience the strength of Heavy Duty LDPE Bags, designed for industrial and commercial use. From transporting heavy materials to waste management, these bags ensure reliable containment.

  • LDPE Geomembranes: For environmental and civil engineering projects our LDPE Heavy Duty Grade offers high-quality Geomembranes. These impermeable liners provide reliable containment for liquid and solid waste.

Elevate your projects with LDPE Heavy Duty Raw Material, a robust solution ensuring durability and resilience. From construction to agriculture, our Heavy Duty Grade promises unmatched strength, making it the preferred choice for demanding applications.

LDPE General Purpose

LDPE General Purpose is a versatile raw material known for its flexibility and ease of processing. It’s widely used in various industries for manufacturing films, packaging and consumer goods. It features various categories tailored to different irrigation needs. These categories include:

  1. Film Grade LDPE: Tailored for film production, Film Grade LDPE delivers exceptional clarity, tear resistance and sealability. Widely used in packaging solutions for food, pharmaceuticals and more.
  2. Injection Molding LDPE: Engineered for precision molding, Injection Molding LDPE exhibits excellent flow properties, ensuring intricate designs with superior surface finish. Ideal for manufacturing containers, caps and various molded products.
  3. Extrusion Grade LDPE: With a focus on extrusion processes, this category offers LDPE with optimal melt strength and processability. It finds applications in cable insulation, tubes and profiles, providing durability and flexibility.
  4. Blown Film LDPE: Specifically designed for blown film applications, this LDPE variant ensures consistent thickness and excellent tensile strength. Widely utilized in the production of bags, shrink films and agricultural films.

General-Purpose LDPE: A versatile grade catering to a broad spectrum of applications. General-Purpose LDPE strikes a balance between flexibility and strength, making it a preferred choice for a myriad of manufacturing needs.

LDPE General Purpose Grade Few Applications:

  • Properties: LDPE General Purpose boasts exceptional flexibility, impact resistance and chemical stability, making it a preferred choice.
  • Applications: Used in packaging, containers, toys and various consumer goods, where a balance of strength and flexibility is crucial.
  • Processing: Easily processed through injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, offering manufacturers flexibility in production.
  • End-User Industries: Widely adopted in the packaging, automotive and consumer goods industries for its versatile properties.

These LDPE General Purpose Raw Material Categories cater to diverse manufacturing requirements, offering specialized properties to meet the unique demands of various industries. From packaging solutions to molded products, LDPE General Purpose stands as a versatile and reliable choice for modern manufacturing processes.


A versatile low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film grade offering exceptional clarity, flexibility and impact resistance. Ideal for packaging applications, ensuring reliable performance in diverse industries.

  • Polymer Structure: LDPE Film Grade boasts a unique polymer structure, delivering outstanding film-forming properties. This contributes to its exceptional flexibility and ease of processing.

  • Clarity and Transparency: The raw material excels in providing films with high clarity and transparency. This feature enhances the visual appeal of packaging applications, making it suitable for various industries.

  • Chemical Composition: The LDPE Film Grade’s chemical composition is carefully engineered to achieve optimal balance, resulting in films with excellent impact resistance and durability.

  • Processing Characteristics: Tailored for efficient processing, the raw material exhibits superior melt flow characteristics, ensuring ease of extrusion and versatility in manufacturing processes.

  • Versatile Packaging Solutions: LDPE Film Grade caters to a wide range of packaging needs, making it a preferred choice for industries seeking reliable, cost-effective and high-performance packaging solutions.

LDPE Film Grade has unparalleled quality. From its outstanding film-forming properties to its sustainable and customizable raw material, our LDPE Film Grade is the ultimate solution for versatile and reliable packaging applications. Elevate your products with the assurance of quality, consistency and environmental responsibility.

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About LyondellBasell

LyondellBasell is a multinational chemical company officially established in 2007 through the merger of Lyondell Chemical Company and Basell Polyolefins. Today, LyondellBasell is one of the largest producers of polyolefins, polypropylene and polyethylene in the world. LyondellBasell has a global presence, with manufacturing facilities located in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Some of the major plants include the Channelview plant in Texas, the Berre l’Etang plant in France and the Nanjing plant in China. These plants have a combined production capacity of over 50 million tons of polyolefins per year.

LLDPE Film Basell HF1810P

The company’s range of products is diverse, covering a wide range of industries including packaging, automotive, construction, consumer products and energy. Some of the products that LyondellBasell manufactures include polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. These materials are used in the production of a variety of products such as plastic films, automotive parts, pipes and consumer products like bottles and packaging materials.

In terms of turnover, LyondellBasell is a major player in the global chemical industry. The company reported a revenue of over $46 billion in 2021, making it one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

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